"Scale A High-Ticket, High-Impact Hybrid Coaching Program With Automated Sales & Marketing" 

The NEW way to turn your business into a self-scaling machine that automatically enrolls new clients, generates a massive impact & gives you freedom every day.
(NO sales calls, big live events, or exhausting launches required...)

Real thought leaders, real results...

Want the inside scoop on Evergreen Business Accelerator from people who are in the program right now?

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ATTN: coaches, consultants, experts & agencies

Think about the most time-consuming tasks that come with scaling your business...

Now picture them being done by an invisible team of experts working around the clock to free you up.

Your invisible team never drops the ball. They’re always available when you need them. And they don’t take vacations – or even sick days.

Because your invisible team = 3 self-scaling systems.

Together they form the ultimate time-freedom machine:

Together they form the ultimate time-freedom machine:

Instead of you carrying the weight of scaling your business on your shoulders -

The EvergreenOS takes care of the day-to-day grind for you.

Serving clients?

Just show up and
shine 1-2x/week.


Automated & 
generating leads 24/7.

Sales calls?

Off your plate.
(Good riddance)

With the EvergreenOS in place, you’ll spend 70% less time scaling…

That means 70% more time to:
  • Reinvest into the parts of your business you love working on
  • Take up that new hobby you've been meaning to for years 
  • Devote to passion projects & philanthropy 
  • Lead & inspire your community
  • ​​Spend with your family & friends 
  • ​​And of course take breaks when you want to – without feeling guilty about it

We’ll give you a complete breakdown of the EvergreenOS...

But first let us introduce ourselves...

Hi, we're Lucas & Jim

We help coaches, consultants, experts, and agencies bypass the intimidating maze of infinite possibilities, and…

Skip right to cashing in on the best that this industry has to offer:

Skip right to cashing in on the best that this industry has to offer:

Consistent Sales

Ripple-Effect Impact

Time Leverage

(Aka a thriving freedom-first business that deeply helps others–even at scale)

People call us ‘industry veterans’ because of the years we’ve spent behind the curtain of some of the most successful businesses in the coaching space…

But our real claim to fame is that we’ve cracked the code on how to scale revenue and impact in knowledge-based businesses, without scaling workload.

In a world where ‘hustle & grind’ has become the unofficial motto of business growth…

We’re here to show you a way to scale with more freedom using the EvergreenOS.

"They have been incredible partners. I can consistently count on them to deliver results.

 Plus, Jim & Lucas's team are a true pleasure to work with!" 

"Jim, Lucas and their team really know their stuff! They create amazing results."

Fun fact: We were the recipient of the first ever Digital Marketer 'Trainer of the Year Award'
“There's a reason why 
you'll only hear good things about Jim & Lucas. 

Their client-centric, mission-driven approach to business is unmatched today."

3,200+ students

70+ countries

100+ niches

Most coaches put on a brave face for their clients, but secretly their business is burning them out.

The great news is -

You don't need to choose between mission & money...

And you don't need to quit your business to live your life.

So why do you fantasize about stepping AWAY from the computer...

 ...and hopping on the next plane to anywhere else?

You've been pushing yourself like crazy long enough in your business to know...

Every business has to:


Get in front of the right people & turn them into leads


Convert leads 
into customers 
and clients

Convert leads into customers and clients


Deliver everything that was promised & get clients results

Your business is no exception, nor is ours.

The problem is...

Most experts' business are YOU-driven...

You’re at the center of it all, making it all happen.

We call this... the "Hamster Wheel Effect" 

Want more leads? You gotta go get them.

Want more sales? You gotta go close them.

Got more clients? You gotta go serve them.

All… the… time…

If you stop running, the hamster wheel stops turning… 

And so does your business.

It just doesn’t work. 

And it definitely doesn’t scale.

In fact, when your marketing, sales, and service ALL depend on your time & manual effort...

Things end up looking a little something like this:

Hitting the...
Growth Ceiling
Hitting the...
Growth Ceiling
You're working as hard as you can, but your growth is stalling because the strategies that got you ‘here’ aren’t moving the needle anymore & getting you where you want to be
Stuck in the...
Live Launch Trap
Stuck in the...
Live Launch Trap
You know that high-pressure launches are unsustainable, high-risk, and emotionally & physically exhausting, but they’re what you know – so you keep defaulting to them.
Riding the...
Revenue Rollercoaster
Riding the...
Revenue Rollercoaster
You only have the bandwidth to focus on ONE function of your business at a time so you can't ever seem to get real traction and your cash flow is constantly yoyo-ing.

Relying on these time-hungry strategies keep businesses smaller and less impactful than they should be…

And keep you stuck:

  • Feeling like you should be further ahead in business…  
  • Telling yourself the freedom you planned for since the beginning is a “later” thing…
  • Missing out on opportunities because you’re just too busy
  • Wondering if you’re just not working hard enough
  • Doing the same things that used to work, but getting lackluster results…
  • ​​And worst of all: fearing that this is as good as it gets for you. 

You’ve hit the manual effort saturation point

At this point in your business journey…

Working harder ≠ more success

In fact, it often has the opposite effect because when overworking, overwhelm, and overthinking show up to the party...

Your energy, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities all go out the window.

So you may already be working harder for LESS success.

Bottom line:
Manual effort isn't scalable

Bottom line:
Manual effort isn't scalable


It doesn't matter how talented you are, how much you hustle, or how many late nights you pull...

If you don't install a more sustainable model, you will always be limited by the number of hours in a day and what energy & effort you can personally juice out of them, day after day... and week after week. And so on.

When you were bootstrapping your business, you didn’t have a choice.

Now you do.

The EvergreenOS replaces you with 
scalable systems

The truth is:

We all have just 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week. We all have a limited amount of energy. And we can’t spend all of our hours, and all of our energy on our business.

So, you have to replace yourself with systems that market, sell, and serve better than you can, more consistently than you can, faster than you can, more efficiently than you can.

If you feel trapped by your business…

And like the quality of your client work, profitability, and maybe even your health is starting to suffer because you have too many plates spinning…

It's time to install the EvergreenOS & create a "flywheel effect" in your business

The EvergreenOS exponentially increases the return on your effort because it replaces the most time & energy intensive parts of your business with these 3 scalable systems:

Scalable System #1 -


  • Serves more people in less time – and serves them well
  • ​Delivers exactly what your clients need – when they need it most
  • ​Consistent client results & happiness without needing to show up live more than 1x/week

Scalable System #2 -

Effortless Enrollment

  • Gets your work in the hands of the people who need it most
  • Sells high-ticket offers without sales calls, setters, or a sales team
  • Consistent sales & sustainable revenue without icky cold outreach or sales calls 

Scalable System #3 -

Audience Acquisition 

  • Gets the right offer in front of the right people at the right time
  • Automatically creates a pipeline of qualified prospects
  • Consistent visibility & lead flow without being glued to social media or the content treadmill

Want more leads? You got a system for that.

Want more sales? You got a system for that.

Clients to serve? You got a system for that.

In a fraction of the time. With a fraction of the effort.

The best part is...

The EvergreenOS starts freeing you up in just weeks 

You don’t have to wait until all the EvergreenOS systems are installed and integrated.

There’s no holding your breath until everything is dialed in, optimized, and in final form.

You’ll start reclaiming your time & scaling your business in as little as 30 days, like -

Nutrition Expert Jess Kuemmerlin who enrolled 16 new clients in under 28 days without overwhelm with ONE scalable system.
Relationship Coach Rachael Sloan who cut back her manual marketing by 80% and 5x’d her clients with ONE scalable system
Chronic Pain & Stress Specialist Karden Rabin who doubled his rates & expanded his impact outside of his clinic while on paternity leave with ONE scalable system

That’s the beauty of the EvergreenOS–
it's not based on 'perfect world' theory.

It's designed for real-world experts who are currently in the trenches, just like you, with obligations and responsibilities they can't put on hold like:

  • ​Clients that were promised results
  • Bills that need to be paid
  • Family & relationships that deserve to be "shown up" for
  • A business to run
  • ​Not to mention a life to be lived - that's  happening right now 

The EvergreenOS removes your biggest time constraints in order of greatest impact.

Here's the big picture...

When you install the EvergreenOS:

 Your High-Impact Hybrid delivers your transformation with – and without you. 
(Read more...)

 Your Effortless Enrollment Machine automatically enrolls clients without sales calls.
(Read more...)

 Your Audience Acquisition Engine brings perfect-fit buyers to you without endless content.
(Read more...)

With all 3 systems installed, you’ll have a self-scaling business

As you can see - the EvergreenOS isn't a tactic. It's not an email sequence. It's not an ad. It's a paradigm.  It’s a way of doing business & life that gives you - 

The freedom to be who you're meant to be...





Lifetime Learner



Family Rock

And it ALLOWS...


Your customers & clients to get exactly what they want and need from you most – when they want and need it most.


The people you care about outside of your work in your life to get the best version of you – not the leftovers.


YOU to live life on your own terms with the time and space to do & discover the things that bring you fulfillment...

Because, it allows YOU to make your business not just a passion, not just something that you do, but a scalable enterprise that serves more customers, makes a bigger impact, and generates more money while you live your best life.

In 6 short words:

A self-scaling business gives you freedom.


Evergreen Business Accelerator

Turn your business into a self-scaling machine that automatically enrolls new clients, generates a massive impact & gives you freedom every day.

As a member, you’ll create a Self-Scaling Business with...

  • The freedom to control your time & how you spend it
  • Energy & momentum as you wake up excited to work on your business
  • The BEST version of you in front of your people every single dayno matter what
  • Your calendar – and your psycheFREE from sales calls 
  • ​​Every step of scaling your business getting easier as you go

Scale A High-Ticket, High-Impact Hybrid Coaching Program 
With Automated Sales & Marketing...

Enroll in Evergreen Business Accelerator & get everything you need to install the EvergreenOS, including...

12-Month Access To The Evergreen Path™ Training & Worksheets

Immediately offload the mental energy it takes to weed through endless strategies to get & serve more clients. Within minutes of enrolling, you'll be granted access to a personal library of resources and trainings that provide simple, practical steps to install the EvergreenOS into your business – so you can wake up every day and choose what you do with your time.

2x Weekly Coaching with Jim, Lucas & Head Coach Jaison

It gets easier. As your mentors, we’re here to help you stack your momentum by answering your questions and coaching you through removing the biggest constraints you’re facing in your business – in order of greatest impact. You’ll get this face time (and confidence infusion) twice per week. 

Personalized EvergreenOS Implementation Reviews & Feedback 

Leave the "am I doing it right?" feeling at the door. Every step of the way you'll have the opportunity to submit what you create inside Evergreen Business Accelerator for personal review by our team. After following our step-by-step trainings, and getting your questions answered on our coaching calls, this feedback serves as a final line of validation so that you can get your self-scaling systems up & running 24/7 and know you're doing it right.

World-Class Private Community & Mastermind Forum

Being a service-driven entrepreneur doesn’t have to be lonely. There’s an entire community of people waiting to welcome you, inspire you, collaborate with you, and MOTIVATE you. (Including experts who’ve scaled $100M companies, served billionaire clients & Olympic athletes, and are making the leap from “best kept secret” to industry thought leader.)

Private Onboarding Call With Our Head Coach Jaison

You’ll get the needle moving FAST in your business because we’ll kick your ‘EBA’ experience off with a private, onboarding session with our head coach, Jaison. You’ll leave knowing exactly where to dive in & what to focus on to get some quick wins right off the bat.   

But that’s just the beginning of what you get with Evergreen Business Accelerator.

When you enroll today, we’re making scaling 10x easier with...

BONUS #1: ‘Self-Scaling’ Template, SOP & Tutorial Vault

Save hundreds of hours–and headache–by using the prebuilt operations & marketing resources we hand you for your Hybrid Quick Launch, High-Impact Hybrid Delivery, Effortless Enrollment Machine, Audience Acquisition Engine, and much more. It's our way of making sure that you don't put the brakes on your momentum to figure out stuff outside your zone of genius.

BONUS #2: Exclusive, Live "Evergreen Traffic Secrets" Workshop

Forget about paid ads paralysis. In this exclusive, live workshop, Lucas will break down the top hands-off strategies working right now. Deploy them and consistently get your offers seen by buying audiences every day, without lifting a finger or getting stuck in indecision about traffic sources or channels.

There's no need for you to continue burning yourself out to grow your impact & income.

You can change all of that today with Evergreen Business Accelerator & scale your business in 70% less time. 

So go ahead and...

3x Your Investment Guarantee

This means 2 things:

1. If we notice you’re falling behind, maybe not engaging as much as usual, or seem to need more support — we’ll personally reach out to you to see how we can help…

2. If you don’t at least 3x your investment over the course of the program, we’ll extend your membership and support you until you do.


Your success is our success.

This isn’t just some abstract idea or concept to us. 

 We put our money where our mouth is with our "3x Your Investment" Guarantee. 

Enroll in

Evergreen Business Accelerator

Choose the option that's right for you...

Pay In Full

Best Value - Save $4,200
Enroll Today & Get:
  • 12-Month Access To The Evergreen Path™ Training & Worksheets
  • ​​2x Weekly Coaching with Jim, Lucas & Head Coach Jaison 
  • ​​​​Personalized EvergreenOS Implementation Reviews & Feedback
  • ​​​​World-Class Private Community & Mastermind Forum 
  • ​​​Private Onboarding Call With Our Head Coach Jaison
  • ​​Bonus #1: 'Self-Scaling' Template. SOP, & Tutorial Vault 
  • Including templates & checklists for your Hybrid Quick Launch, High-Impact Hybrid Delivery, Effortless Enrollment Machine, Audience Acquisition Engine, and much more…
  • Bonus #2: Exclusive, Live "Evergreen Traffic Secrets" Workshop
  • ​​Pay-In-Full Bonus #3: Save $4,200 (22%)
1 Payment of $15,000
If you can't make a one-time payment due to card limits, or prefer to use multiple cards, we have an option to split this up as 3x$5,000 payments. Please email us for that link.

Monthly Installments

Enroll Today & Get:
  • 12-Month Access To The Evergreen Path™ Training & Worksheets
  • ​​2x Weekly Coaching with Jim, Lucas & Head Coach Jaison 
  • ​​​​Personalized EvergreenOS Implementation Reviews & Feedback
  • ​​​​World-Class Private Community & Mastermind Forum 
  • ​​​Private Onboarding Call With Our Head Coach Jaison
  • ​​Bonus #1: 'Self-Scaling' Template. SOP, & Tutorial Vault 
  • Including templates & checklists for your Hybrid Quick Launch, High-Impact Hybrid Delivery, Effortless Enrollment Machine, Audience Acquisition Engine, and much more…
  • Bonus #2: Exclusive, Live "Evergreen Traffic Secrets" Workshop
12 Monthly Installments of $1,600
If you decide to enroll with the installment plan, you are still 100% responsible for making all 12 payments. We are offering this option as a courtesy, and enrolling in this plan is a 12-month commitment to make all 12 payments. This is not a membership that can be canceled.

it's time to stop hustling like it's your day job

There's simply NO reason to. Instead, join an incredible group of heart-centered 6, multiple-6, and 7-figure coaches, consultants, experts & agencies who are scaling their business with MORE freedom by installing the EvergreenOS.

Get Extra Access For

6 months

...at NO COST to you

Enrollment Deadline To Claim
This Expiring Bonus:


Real thought leaders, real results...

Michael Harris
Performance & Sports Training Coach

Michael Harris
Performance & Sports Training Coach

Rachael Sloan
Relationship Coach

Rich Oceguera
Visibility Coach

"I’m in massive, massive action mode. I know exactly what I need to do to make a very big difference in a very short time! I have what I need to scale now.”

Erin Marcus
Business Coach

“Thanks Jim, Lucas & the EBA team. Having the coaches and community has made this journey so much less lonely and so much more fun (and easy).”

Brian Murphy
Relationship Coach

"I was lost on what to do next to grow my business.

 I'm blown away by the epiphanies I've had. Now I have all the pieces in place."

Lakshmi Dev 
Fulfillment Mentor

"We now know how to market our programs in a way that actually gets us clients! 

Working with Jim and Lucas has been completely transformative."

Nita Matthews-Morgan
Mindset Coach

“I felt super overwhelmed, lost and not quite sure where to start. Now, I have a clear path laid out in front of me and I’m ready to move forward in a positive way."

Sara Jafar Adams
Women's Empowerment

"They give you easy step-by-step instructions, and  specific guidance that will make a HUGE difference in your results. It's really amazing, I'm so happy!"

Eva Love
Relationship Mentor

Frequently asked questions

 Is Evergreen Business Accelerator™ for me?

 How is it different from Simple + Scalable Groups™?

 How much time do I need to invest?

 How fast will I see results?

 Will this work for my niche?

 How do I sign up?

...more questions?

Email ussend a FB message or choose a time here for a quick call. We're happy to help. 🙂

There are 8760 hours in a year

Hopefully you aren’t working more than 2,000 of them


If your business depends on manual effort one thing is true beyond a shadow of a doubt 

1 unit of effort = 1 unit of results

But what if that could be changed?

What if 1 unit of effort could = 
2 units of results, or even 10 units of results?

Imagine the time you could reclaim

Imagine the impact you could make

Imagine the freedom from overload

Imagine the potential you could tap into

Imagine the legacy you could leave

Imagine the relationships you could nurture

Imagine the momentum you could achieve

Imagine the life you could live

Listen, full disclosure...

The EvergreenOS is not some kind of billionaire Easy Bake Oven where every time you pop in $10k, out pops $10m.

It's not some kind of laptop-on-the-beach "get rich quick" scheme where you lazily watch your bank account swell, drink in hand, without lifting a finger.. nor is it ever completely passive.

What it is is a way for you to AVOID spending another year -- even another week...

Feeling frustrated and stuck because you know there's more for you and your business, but you just don't know how to get there.

It’s a way for you to serve more clients, make a bigger impact, generate more revenueAND have time for the things you love outside of work at the same time.

We created the EvergreenOS to help coaches, consultants, experts and agencies scale in 70% less time.

and Right now...

Scaling is the only option because this is more than “just a business to you”

It’s a way for you to turn your struggle into strength.

To make the path easier and life better for people who are where you once were.

It’s a way to do right by yourself, your family, your dreams, and your life’s mission.

So it only makes sense that you have a few non-negotiables…

You won’t sell your business’ soul 

 Building a cold, hard cash generating machine at the expense of all else?

Not your goal.

And never will be. 

Your business has purpose.

It has SOUL… 

And that’s not something you’re willing to sacrifice to scale.

You won’t let family or life foot the bill

‘Founder’ isn’t the only important title — you also have your eye on something like:

‘Present’ Mario-Playing Mom 

Getaway-Planning Husband

Part-Time Mountain Climber 

Well-Traveled Globe-Trotter

You’re not here to let life fly by... and you’re not afraid to say it. 

You refuse to be anyone but YOU

Fake-y marketing makes you cringe... and pushy sales tactics could not be less “you.”

You live & work by a code of ethics — so the same needs to go for your marketing.

You’re ready for messaging & methods that ‘click’ with the right people...

People you're excited to work with and have the same vision for life.

The EvergreenOS doesn’t require ANY of the above.

Simply put - it’s an effective & predictable way to...

Do your life’s work without missing out on your life.

Important: Enroll today to join us for our next LIVE "Evergreen & Scale" Coaching Call with Jim & Lucas, schedule your first 1:1 call with a Thought Leaders Institute coach, and get instant access to the Evergreen Business Accelerator program, training, private community, and bonuses!
Specifically For Coaches, Consultants, Experts & Agencies 
Who Think Time Waste Is Life Waste

Install the “EvergreenOS" And Scale Your Business In 70% Less Time ” 

This new way of doing business & life gives you the freedom to be the entrepreneur, leader, and human you’re meant to be.
(While still giving your clients exactly what they need, when they need it.)
The most predictable path to attract customers every day, fill your group programs, and deeply serve clients–on evergreen–without big launches, live events, or back-to-back calls

“It's easy to think that building a for-profit company somehow negates your desire to support people, but that's not true.

There are a whole host of coaching companies that have profound effects on their clients and still prioritize revenue streams and growth.

The reality is, to help the most people, your business has to be self-sustaining and prepared to scale.”


If you’re ready for a new way to do business & life gives you the freedom to be the entrepreneur, leader, and human you’re meant to be… welcome home, friend.

Evergreen Business Accelerator™ 
is your place to:


Enroll now & let's make it happen.

Get Extra Access For

6 months

...at NO COST to you

Enrollment Deadline To Claim
This Expiring Bonus:


“I feel so confident about growing a sustainable business that will serve my clients AND myself so I can create the life and impact that I want.” 

Rachael Sloan
Relationship Coach

“It changed the course of my life really, not just my business, my life. 

I know it will do the same for others.” 

Rich Oceguera
Visibility Coach

“Within 28 days of joining, we launched our Hybrid and enrolled 16 new clients. 

It was incredible!”

Jess Kuemmerlin
Nutrition Expert 

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